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All About Todd

Band Jacket

1960: Born.
1961-1982: Grew up.  Did non-writing stuff.
1983-1985: Worked with NASA as Aerospace Engineer.  Started writing scripts part-time for no money.
1986-1987: Started writing scripts full-time for no money.
1988-1990: Wrote for first two seasons of "THE WONDER YEARS".  Nominated for Emmy, Humanitas, and Writers Guild Awards.  Won Humanitas and Writers Guild.  Lost Emmy to pilot of "Murphy Brown" but I'm not bitter anymore especially since show never lived up to its potential.

Wrote the first two "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" movies.  Became rich, but with occasional pangs of guilt.
1991-1992: Tried to elevate the quality of films coming out of Hollywood by rejecting all script assignments and writing only on spec.  I.E., Obscurity and Unemployment.
1993-1995: Ran away to Europe for a few months, returned, wrote first play.  Ran away to Asia for a few months, returned, directed first short film.
1996: Stopped running long enough to get in line to write a feature film version of "I Dream of Jeannie".  BLINK!  Next.
1997-1999: Completed Quest for Seven Continents with travels to Africa, Australia, South America, and Antarctica (whiter even than The Blank Page).
2000-2002: Solidified reputation as International Man of Leisure.  Blew it by writing a book in here somewhere.
2003-2005: Nap.
2006-2007: Wrote, produced, and directed a 90-minute compilation of comedy shorts called "42 STORY HOUSE".  Sold very nearly that many DVD's.
2008-2009: Pangs of guilt concerning sudden wealth now a distant memory, sought status as "Too Big To Fail".  Failed.
2010: Attempted to finance an indie movie called "WHY THE SQUIRREL WON'T FRY".  Fried.
2011: Published first eBook "THE TELLING OF MY MARCHING BAND STORY".  Fell.
2012: Published some eScreenplays to see if anybody was interested in reading eScreenplays.  Seriously, anybody.  Hel-loooooooooo...?
2013-2014: Started YouTube Channel "Todd Trumpet Videos".  Reached "Blockbuster" (LLC) Status.
2015-2016: Wrote "A CHRISTMAS CODA".  Received lavish praise from Dickens Experts.  Who - "Bah! Humbug!" - apparently don't impress the General Public.
2017-2018: Adapted "A CHRISTMAS CODA" into a stage play.  Learned Broadway and Hollywood, despite being on opposite sides of the country, actually share the same Welcome Mat.
Wrote "SNOW BALL".  My first (albeit short) novel not based on material I had already scripted in the past.  Something else happened in 2020, but it's hard to remember exactly what because it pales in comparison to me writing a novel.
2022: Achieved Complete World Domination.  (Pending)

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