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The Last Reel Mid-Size
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1.  Confidential:  The following logline has been classified "reliable" from an inside source:

Two former covert operatives are forced to recover the mysterious film that turned them into fugitives... and enemies.

Decryption (Level I):

Once the top field team planted deep in the former Soviet Union, two U.S. agents have been living off the grid for decades, on the lam after a mission gone bad...

...until the C.I.A. rounds them up to recover what they lost...

...reopening personal wounds...

...and national secrets.

2.  Secret:

Decryption (Level II):

This document was originally written to be the final movie in the Newman/Redford “trilogy”, which began with "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid" and continued with "The Sting".  Many references, both overt and covert, are hidden within.

3.  Top Secret:

Decryption (Level III):

The NCS (National Clandestine Service) suspects this entire story to be a stealth metaphor for the current state of the Hollywood movie industry, code name "The Biz".

[Reference:  "Goddamn metaphors..."]

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