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The Cyberjack Mid-Size
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Which would you choose?

 Perfect fantasy?

 Or real, but imperfect, love?

 That's the question "THE CYBERJACK" sets out to answer.

 Here's the logline:

 In the near future, a scientist seeks to create Virtual Reality, and tests his theory by wiring his own brain.

Now, before the word "scientist" conjures up irreparable images of math and sterility, let me hasten to point out that, like many consumer technologies, Virtual Reality will initially be driven almost exclusively by the Sex Business...

 ...which will not only be somewhat advanced in our near future but will, in fact, entirely underwrite our scientist's work.

 Yet, at its heart, “THE CYBERJACK” is really a romance set within a VR Frankenstein story, as our protagonist struggles to hardwire and control the variables of  attraction, while jeopardizing his growing connection with an actual woman.

 A real, but imperfect, love?

 Or perfect fantasy?

Which would you choose?

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