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A Christmas Coda Mid-Size
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"A Christmas Coda" is a sequel to "A Christmas Carol".  It's also the most challenging thing I've written in my entire life, taking over a year to produce less than 100 pages, which is very unlike the fever dream that compelled Mr. Charles Dickens to write his original 1843 novella in less than 6 weeks.  Why, then, was it so hard for me?

Well, in part, because I decided to write "in the style of" Dickens himself, which is to say, a voice not naturally my own.  I've read most of Dickens' major works, consider him the finest author of English prose, ever, and while I could never hope to equal his style, I very much wanted to pay my respects.

But mostly, "A Christmas Coda" took me so long to write because I wanted so much to do it right.  The work upon which it is based is my favorite Christmas tale of all time.  I have, however, also always had lingering questions.  And for years, like the spirits that haunted Scrooge, these would occasionally visit me:

- How did Scrooge help Tiny Tim to walk again?
- Could there be any chance for Scrooge to redeem lost love?
- How could Scrooge ever repay a debt of the magnitude he owed Jacob Marley?

These form the basis of my story.  It takes place exactly one year after the events of "A Christmas Carol".  And exactly like "A Christmas Carol", it takes place entirely on December the 24th, 25th, and 26th.

For all the struggle, "A Christmas Coda" has deepened my love of the original tale, and even Christmas itself.

This, finally, is what made it, for me, a carol worth singing.

With Tidings of Comfort and Joy,

William Todd

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Read the following full reviews, and others, on Amazon:
"As a professor specializing in Charles Dickens for over forty years, I have been subjected to over a dozen sequels to A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and in not one of them was there a whisper of the glory that trumpets throughout every page of the original.
Until now.
William Todd has written a spectacular continuation of everyone's favorite Christmas tale..."

- Dr. Elliot Engel
Writer, Scholar, and Lecturer
"The author beautifully captures the Victorian setting with precise and vivid details, and he effectively weaves in strands from Dickens's other works and life throughout the story. For readers who wish they could see the future in store for the Christmas Carol characters, this book is perfect..."

- Dr. Natalie McNight
Dean of General Studies, Boston University
President of The Dickens Society
"Thank you for this beautiful book. I'll write a more detailed review once I've stopped crying. Thank you..."

- Rich Bowen
Author of the Christmas Carol Glossary
"As author of The Charles Dickens Page on the Web I've seen a few 'A Christmas Carol' sequels and 'A Christmas Coda' is easily the best I have read..."

- David Perdue
The Charles Dickens Page

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