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What's your name?


Your full name?

What are you, an attorney?

Would the bench please direct the witness to answer the--?

Todd William Langen.  Sheesh!

Then why is "The Telling Of My Marching Band Story" written by somebody named "Will Todd"?

It ties in with the book's premise of playing around with The Truth.  The easiest way for you to understand is to read the book.  This has the additional advantage of being the most profitable way for me.

Why didn't you just use "www.toddlangen.com" for your web address like other authors?

The domain had already been registered by Superman.

Is that a joke?

Apparently not.

Your honor...

I thought "toddtrumpet.com" would be easier to remember than "toddlangen.com".

And I don't want to be like "other authors".

So what's the purpose of this website?

To sell eBooks.

You mean like "other authors"?

You got me there.  *coughdick*

But you've only got one actual "book" for sale - are you ever going to write any more?

Maybe.  But as I explain in "The Telling Of My Marching Band Story" (*coughplug*), I started my writing career as a screenwriter, which means I have a lot of stories in screenplay form.  My intention is to convert some of these directly into eReads and price them accordingly - $2.99 for about 2 hours of entertainment, which seems fair to me.

Then why is "The Telling Of My Marching Band Story" priced at $4.99?

It includes both the screenplay (as a bonus) AND a book adaptation (the main course) - which is just the opposite of the way things usually go in Hollywood.  Which pleases me enormously.

Did you really write "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"?


Did you really write "The Wonder Years"?


Will you read my script?


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